Murickens group An ISO 9001:2015 certified company since 1975 , We are one of the pioneers in the production sector of Mobile Mortuaries in India, bringing major revenue for Indian economy by exporting Mobile Mortuaries to neighboring counties.
Murickens Group is maintaining the ISO and other international quality standards for the production of Mobile Mortuaries. We are providing 24 hour customer support, for any doubts for the customers while operating the Mobile Mortuaries.
As all of us know, the mobile mortuaries are used throughout day and night time, so the support at night time is taken cared by Murickens Group ,by providing separate supporting staffs at night time.
MG uses high efficient imported EMERSON compressors for their mobile mortuaries. These high quality mobile mortuaries are noise free. The trouble free, easy operating features with customer support mechanism makes Murickens Group as masters in the field.
Murickens Group , proudly announces the lounge of new model CLASSIC in the production line of mobile mortuary. Apart from the existing four models ( MG-M1,MG-M2,MG- M3 and MG-M4) the lounge of new series brings the additional features in the external appearances, maintaining the same high technical mechanical side.
The new look of classic -1 MODEL with trapezium shape at top with acrylic fiber glass brings better aristocratic appearance. It is light weight and compactable one
The body is made of SS 304 except the tray which is SS 202 to carry the weight. Classic 1 (MG-CL1) is with the standard dimensions and fiber top of new design.


► US Technology with low maintenance. ► Dead body can be preserved for longer periods. ► Stainless Steel stretcher. ► Mortuary body made-up of full pure Stainless steel and copper which provide complaint free working and long life. ► View from all angles.► Fully automatic► Adjustable Digital display thermo meter. ► Input voltmeter. ► Separate on-off switch for voltmeter ,lights and compressor. ► Full PUF system (New technology). ► Inner side light. ► Top door opening with side view Acrylic/Glass ( optional ). ► Attractive top door handle 4 No. ► Light weight and compact size. ► Noiseless functioning.► Wheel mounted (smooth and strong four wheels). ► Attractive look and long durability. ► Temperature from -2oC to -20oC.


Specifications of MG MobileMortuary - Classic Model

Model No.



Compact  size  and  Special designed with Acrylic  Glass Top

Top Opening Door

Single unbreakable top opening with 10 mm  Fiber Glass ( Acyrlic)


 Legth x Height x Width


90 " x  28  "  x 28 ":  

Weight of  mortuary

110 Kg

structure of the body

Full Steel & Copper


22 Gauge 304 Food Grade Polished



Mortuary Inside length 

74.5 "

Mortuary Inside Width 

22 "

Input volt



Digital display, adjustable temperature


325 W special

Applicable generator

2000VA to 2800 VA

Applicable stabilizer

1.5 kva wide range special

Above dimensions will change , according to the model 




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