1. With the help of the digital temperature meter, we can fix the inside temperature of the mobile mortuary. Then we can fix and lock that temperature with the same digital meter. Normally we can fix the temperature at -10 and this is the enough temperature limit in India.

2. For Unlocking you can call our Customer Service. 9400464444, 9447366779

3. M.G Mobile mortuary, is a fully automatic system, which can be connected with the prescribed capacity of stabilizer, to main power line of A/C 240 volt or generator.

4.There is no limit for continues work because, when the temperature comes down to pre-set at one, compressor automatically power off, then again compressor is on (inside temperature is below -5 ) or correcting the inside temperature.

5.With this MG Mobile mortuary a normal body can preserve 2 or 3 days at a time. It may vary depending upon the nature of the body and cause of death. If you need more days to keep a body, we have some other models only for this purpose.

6. The Main precautions of transportations are always Keep the Position in what we kept. Do not slide from the up and right position. It is harmful to shake the Mobile Mortuary.

7. Wash Mobile Mortuary only with pure water and cotton clothes. (Do not use any chemicals for washing; it will be harmful for fiber glasses.) If need we can go up to hair shampoo for cleaning.

8, While handling the cover (glass/fiber)of mobile mortuary, please use only the provided fixed FOUR HANDLES. Instruct your people not to lift by supporting the bottom side of glass/fiber,this may load the melted joint and may lead to loosen the fiber /glass frame cover structure. Also while using the four HANDLES, instruct your people to lift with
equal lifting force on four sides.

9. Four Power Switches are working in MG mortuary as follows, (a) Voltage Meter. (b) Inside Light. (c) Compressor (d) C-by pass switch

10. Four Power Switches are working in MG mortuary as follows, (a) Voltage Meter. (b) Inside Light. (c) Compressor (d) C-by pass switch

11, Light Switch is for the light inside

12. Compressor switch to Operate the Freezing Unit

13. C-by pass : Please make sure to ON only the compressor ON switch ,use the compressor by pass switch (C-compressor )only while you feel the thermostat is not working.

14, To get better cooling effect switch on Mobile mortuary 1 hour before body is kept.

15, When placing the body, Position of the head should be little higher than the body level

16, Please use Stabilizer to avoid fluctuation of input power.( The system requires the voltage between 180 to 20 V )

17, The recommend capacity of Generator 2 to 3 KVA .

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